Having a compelling brand story is what makes you and your brand stand out, turn first-time customers into raving fans and build a strong base for the future.

We heard this all before but sometimes hearing and getting it are two different things. In preparation for the upcoming Success Mindset Challenge, I was reading the book The Miracle Morning: The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8AM and while I was already familiar with the 6 Habits introduced in the book, reading the story behind the idea of The Miracle Morning made me try it.

Then I realized this I was immediately reminded about why a brand story for our products is so important, as long as we cannot connect with our customers = share our story/journey/vision/passion, we just sell a cream/soap like all the others but if we can pull our first time buyers into our world than we have lifetime fans.

And just as a side note for all the people like me which are frightened about writing copy, usually the self-help books which are not written by professional writers but by real people are the ones which have the biggest effect on me. I think this is really encouraging, words from our heart & soul are much more engaging than the scribbles of generic copywriters. Sorry, guys! 😉

Let’s make a small review.

Why having a Brandstory is important?

  • Turn first time buyers into fans and advocates.
  • Build a loyal fan base.
  • Find and build your tribe.
  • Connect with your perfect customer.
  • And last but not least, sell more.

How to find your Compelling Brandstory?

To find the why behind your brand which will connect with your tribe, you have to go way back and dig deep. Go into yourself and search for your inner fire – the trigger behind your dream.

Try this questions if you need a jump start:

What was the first spark on your journey?

Why did you turn your hobby or idea into a passion?

Where did you see other brands fail in your niche?

How do you want your customers to feel?

Which feeling do you want to convey?


For some more inspiration watch the TED Talk of Simon Sinek: Start with the Why



Could you find your why? Share it with us.

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