Probably I am writing this post mostly for myself, but maybe you’ll get also something out of this.

About a year ago I had this idea for Contebella. It was quite fuzzy and didn’t have the right feel yet. I couldn’t decide on the right direction and format, the only thing I knew was that I longed to create a place where the questions I had as a skin care maker would be answered and where I could find a community which didn’t look down on me because I didn’t want to go with the whole organic natural trend.

I mean natural is great and all but my aim as a skincare brand is different and whenever I asked some more “dirty” ingredients I nearly always got shot down.

The last year while I struggled with the contents for Contebella, my two other day businesses, family and also the way I wanted to present Contebella, I had a chat with Maggie from The Luxe Elixir  and besides having a kind of epiphany about how I wanted to run Contebella we also agreed strongly that mindset and the whole “you have to believe” stuff is really the most important thing in running a business.

Let me explain … eventually.

I love to read, reports, biographies, magazines, thrillers, romance, … whatever I can get my fingers on. And while reading about successful businesses (real and fiction) the protagonist always had some things in common. They are usually stubborn, workaholics, runner, and stick to a routine.

Yes, that is the part which encouraged me to start running, I am still a bloody beginner, but even just switching into my runner persona – music full blast and just counting my steps – this 20 minutes give me a dearly needed break from the rest of the world, it helps me to recharge and the buzz from having done it gives my whole day also an energy injection.

Also, the routine it provides gives me a kind of skeleton for my workday. I know after my run I will drive to my office and will be writing something for one of my businesses.

My mornings during the week are quite structured and it made a huge difference in the way of what and how much I accomplish in the day. Stand up – bath – coffee and journaling – write a short to-do list and start with something until it is time to wake up the kids and – send kids to school – go for a run – office, sit down and do some more writing until hubby shows up – than the daily stuff of our day jobs – …

Now the last few weeks I fell off this routine bandwagon, first I thought it won’t make a difference, but after nearly two months with nearly accomplishing nothing I realize that I really miss the structure and the peace of mind this provided. So today while driving to the office it hit me that this routine of especially journaling and running helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. At the moment I am just totally overwhelmed with the daily tasks and bits and pieces which have to be done.Even just deciding to start again helped me

Even just deciding to start again helped me tremendously today. 3 blog posts down, 2 product information files assembled, and my biggest success I didn’t succumb to my go-to tactic for overwhelm and didn’t bury my head in a book the whole day long.

There is a bizarre connection between sticking to your routine and believing in yourself and your success. Also, it helps you daily not to feel like a failure because you accomplished something, even if it is just a small piece of your daily tasks – but you did it. I wish somebody would have taught me this in school and not just leave us hanging with “do your homework”

I wish somebody would have taught me this in school and not just leave us hanging with “do your homework”, school would have been much easier.

If you are able to find a routine, I think writing down your plans, dreams and to do list without judging yourself daily, is a great start here – we will always feel accomplished, successful and strong. Getting back on the horse after we fell will be also much easier.

Feeling like a fraud or not successful is much more a head thing than a real thing, we are our biggest enemy but if we do it right we are also our strongest supporter.

Try to find at least five minutes a day to write down your fears, dreams and (daily) goals into a notebook and become your biggest ally in life. Then go from there and start to build your own success routine.

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