Turning my soap making hobby into a beauty business was a conscious decision, but at the same time, we (my husband + I) were very naive.

We both learned how to run a business at an early age, both of us grew up in the entrepreneurial business of our parents, but there were still massive things to learn.

Running a business in the 80’s and 90’s was something totally different when running a business in the new millennium. Just think the whole internet and social media circus did not exist yet.

Also just having a good or even stellar product is not enough anymore, you have to offer your customer quite a lot more today.

It took us nearly 10 years and two fired branding consultants – who just prolonged the whole thing – until we found ourself as a brand.

To be able to be seen and heard in today’s world we have to be on top of our game, in this 12-week long road trip I want to help you along to get the basics together for your successful and enticing beauty brand. I am going to share the tips, tricks, and prompts which helped me to find my apothecary brand.


Our trip has 12 stops, just follow me on Instagram and in our Community, to get the whole deal.

Week 1: Mindset

Week 2: Mission + Vision

Week 3: Ideal Client

Week 4: Branding

Week 5: Legal Decisions

Week 6: Goal Setting

Week 7: Products + Packaging + Pricing

Week 8: Production, Formulating

Week 9: Photography

Week 10: Webpresence

Week 11: Social Media

Week 12: Copy Writing


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