Have you planned 2018 already in all the gory details? Or do you feel like a failure because you haven’t managed it with all the holiday preparations?

I prefer to save myself some headache and also feeling down because not doing it in December and purposefully use the first two weeks in January for doing my planning.

Usually, January is a slow month in business for me so it also seems more logical to use this downtime for planning, dreaming, goal setting and evaluating the past year.

Steps to Successful Goal Setting

1. Reflect & Let Go

I prefer to look at the past year and take note of things I achieved, things which just seemed to fizz out and changes which needed to be adapted.

If there are subjects which left a bitter taste, like for example our failed private label contract, I try to put them to rest by writing my feelings about it in my Journal and just let it go. If they still bother me I’ll write them on a piece of paper and will burn it, but usually just writing about what comes to mind about it in my journal is enough to get inner piece on this subject.

Next, I’ll write down all the positive things which happened and will celebrate them, with a glass of wine or a cookie, anything which puts a smile on my face and will bath in the good vibes I get from it 🙂

2. Goal Brain Dump

Now it is time to just write down what comes to mind about your dreams and goals for the next year. First just write everything which jumbles around in your head, private life, business, fitness, …

3. Sort, Categorize and Prioritize

In the next step look if there are goals which belong together by category or are build on each other. Group these and also try to sort them from most important to less important.

4. Break down your Top Goals

Now take your top goal in each category you decided on, e.g. health, business, money, … and break each goal into 4 smaller steps/goals.

What do you have to do to reach your top goal?

Let’s say your top goal is to sell products worth 5000$ in your next quarter, you knew your average customer spends 25$ while shopping with you. So to reach your 5000$ goal you would need 200 customers, this makes around 3 customers per day.

You have two choices to reach your goal, entice existing customers to buy more or find new customers. Usually, engaging already existing customers is much easier than finding new ones.

Now think about strategies you could use to lure your customers into spending more money with you. Maybe a monthly newsletter, a challenge evolving around your products, campaigns or some advertising.

Do this for each goal.

5. Plan & Take Action

After you have broken down your goals into smaller goals take a calendar or the monthly goal freebie and plan out your steps to reach your goals.

Which step do you have to take in January, February &  March, for example, to come closer to your quarter goal?

Do this for each category and the first quarter of the year, if you like roughly line out the next quarter goals but I prefer to revisit my goals each quarter and adjust them to the things I achieved so far.












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