In the last part of Find Your Brand, I shortly touched the concept of Brand Voice, today let’s see if we can find some ways to capture your voice all the time and make copy writing less painful 😉


Over the years I learned some tricks which make the process a bit less stress – and painful.


  1. Prepare a wordbank of descriptive words which fit your brand style. See below for details.
  2. Look at other brands, how they describe their products. Note things down you like and don’t like, use it as a guideline but don’t copy it.
  3. When you start to write your first draft, just start to write what comes into your mind and the way you would talk about your product. Besides yourself nobody will ever see it!
  4. Don’t forget to talk about the features and benefits of your products. What does it do and why does it do it.
  5. Take your draft and check if you wrote with your ideal customer in mind and check also if you can exchange with better/less used/more on brand words from your wordbank.
  6. Put your draft aside for a day. After a good nights sleep have a second look. Refine if needed.


What is a Wordbank and how to make one?


A wordbank is a list of (descriptive) words and terms which fit exactly into your brand.

Let’s say you want to write about your newest face cream, the first word which come to mind are probably moisturizing, creamy, soft, ….

Now take each word and look it up in a thesaurus, I like this one here. Write down all the other ways to express the same thing but always check it first against your ideal client, if it fits add it to your wordbank.

Also have a look at the antonyms, they spark often great ideas.

Let yourself be sucked in into the other meanings of the words and look their synonyms up again, whenever you find a word which fits your brand persona add it to your list.


For example the word: Moisturizing

some synonyms are: drench, soak, splash, …

antonyms: dry, dehydrated

more words associated with moisturizing: moisten, mist, saturate, soak, sprinkle, …

Synonyms for our synonyms are: absorb, immerse, moisten, submerge, …


If you would write for a mature audience your probably should stick to the more classic terms like moisten and absorb, but if your audience is younger words like drench, sprinkle, submerge won’t raise their eyebrows.


Building your list is an ongoing process so keep your eyes open and a pen at hand. Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your new found favourite word from your wordbank.


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