Most of us don’t have a problem to talk about our products then we are face to face with a customer or wholesale prospect. I even manage it in three languages but sit me down in front of a computer and my brain starts to fry and I think in this moment I even don’t know my name anymore.


Sounds familiar?


Let’s make some basic decisions which will help us to be consistent about the way our brand talks.

First … Do you remember the third part of this series, where we talked about your ideal client? If no refresh your mind here.


How are you related to your customer?


With your ideal client in mind, is your brand trying to be a friend, a motherly figure, the cool it girl?

A friend will talk differently when a teacher or mother. Decide on the relationship style and keep this in mind than writing.

Ideally, write down some typical phrases your brand persona would use.

What do you sell?


Another way to decide on how to write is by understanding what kind of experience you want to sell.

Do you want your customer feel magical when they use your products?

Do you want to encourage them to live their life to the fullest?

Are you selling the ultimate new trends for the young and hip?


Think about the experience you want to sell and ways how to could tell your customers about it. Paint them a picture about the experience they will get from you.


I hope you found this article helpful. Tell me what your brand persona and experience is…


Find Your Brand - Part 4 - Your Brand Voice
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