5 Things to do with a Good Review

Do you also feel a bit overwhelmed when you get a good review? We hear all the buzz about social proof and that word of mouth is the way to go. Besides probably reposting and maybe twittering this great review it’s about all we do.   First… Well done, for reposting it.   Now take […]

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Skin Care Product Label Checklist

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I have a love – hate relationship with labels.  I love to look at great labels, mostly I also like to design them … BUT designing them and fulfilling all legal requirements doesn’t go always hand in hand. I think nearly no label in more than 10 years of business, which I prepared, had all […]

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Find Your Brand 3: Who is my Ideal Customer?

Finding your ideal customer, I think, is for all of us the most difficult part of becoming a brand. Narrowing down on one specific person feels scary, overwhelming and impossible. But with the right clues and guide in hand, it is possible to get a better picture of the person you want to market to. […]

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